…We all have some – somewhere…?

I think it’s probably worse today, with nearly everyone walking round with a device that can take amazing pictures, facilitate banking, communicate via, email, WhatsApp, Snapchat and whatever else… besides running a whole distractive parallel world… oh yes, you can also make phone calls too!

Before the mobile phone there was the compact and if you were ‘posh’ the SLR (that’s single lens reflex) camera to those ‘younger’ readers, with 35mm film that needed sending away to be developed into photographs. Perhaps an instant Polaroid camera here and there, but they never really produced great pics …unless you were David Bailey!
Rhodes Wood Suit
So there are probably some pics somewhere of ‘yours truly’ developed from 35mm colour film (even I’m too young for black and white film) in a black flying suit, black gloves, drinking a G&T with a dodgy asymmetric New Romantics haircut, looking mean and moody (probably stupid actually) … hey girls ‘JB’s’ in da club… I couldn’t dance either, but I think I rocked a flying suit!
So this brings me neatly to choosing your wardrobe, wedding attire etc.

Think forward, think modern classic, think understated elegance. Think of your grand children looking at ‘pics’ in the future… ”Grandad, Is that really you? What is ‘that’ you are wearing? Why are your pants so tight and your jacket… why is it so short?”

Gentleman, and this applies to ladies too and all the other modern prefixes/titles… they/them etc…

Build your wardrobe carefully with thought and planning, not only with thoughts about your budget, but with consideration about the value and longevity of the pieces you add to your wardrobe. Can you wear that jacket with flannels, frescos, chinos, jeans?

A plain navy or dark grey suit is a great starting point, as are classic shirts in plain blues, along with pencil and bengal stripes and ties in dark plains, club stripes and neat madders.
Rhodes Wood Suit
Rhodes Wood Suit
Shoes of good quality that can be rebuilt – it’s better to have three pairs of shoes at say £250 each and rotate them, employing the use of shoe trees, than having just one pair at £750 that you wear the life out of!

Yes you might want some more fun and you can add in the odd more colourful tie and a statement shirt if you really want to – But do keep it simple to start with.

Invest in the best you can afford and think about tran-seasonal garments, that are able to be worn 9 months of the of year round.

If you really want to do a statement piece (big checked suit/jacket) etc, go with a less expensive piece. Because it’s a ‘memorable’ piece, everyone will know you have ‘that’ suit or jacket on again. Whereas the plain navy/grey can be re invented and remains fresh, as you re-dress it with different shirts and accessories. It’s generally flattering and easy to wear and style, so build your wardrobe, then in time add in a ‘cheeky’ check or two, but think it through. Are you happy with everyone looking at you in a bright checked suit with 12 cm pattern repeat, in yellow and purple – you may love it, but are you ‘comfortable’ with the attention you may receive?
Rhodes Wood Suit
Rhodes Wood Suit
The late Sir Hardy Amies said that “the well dressed man chooses his clothes with intelligence, puts them on with care and then forgets all about them… We should wear the clothes… not the clothes wear us!”

I see too many weddings on the sidelines of our local hotels, with men looking more like ‘Am dram’ Peaky Blinders, with haircuts that remind me of a coconut, rather than elegantly dressed in a style that will remain classic and look fresh in 20-30 years time.

Remember those mobile phones will snap more pics than the official wedding photographer and the pictures will hang around in people’s social media for years
So all it leaves me to say is …“say cheese’… but don’t be cheesy!”
Rhodes Wood Suit

Cover Photo by Sam Lion: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cute-dog-in-apparel-at-home-5731788/