Many high street retailers will try to convince you that, with today’s improvements in production line garments, a suit bought off the peg is every bit as good as one that’s made to measure…..and in simple terms, if it fits you it probably is.

We are on hand not only to advise you but can generally determine your size by just looking at you. We very rarely use a tape measure for ready to wear….that’s for the inexperienced! We stock from 36 to 52 Inch chest, in short, regular and long fittings.

We are here to help and advise but the main difference with our own very successful range of ready to wear is that we can generally overcome the common problems, i.e. square shoulders or The Leeds crease as it’s often referred to in Yorkshire (a horizontal crease across the back, caused by square shoulders).
Long sleeves are a pet hate and we often see suits that have been bought ready to wear, from the Internet or a store not offering or experienced enough to correct the common problems.

We have a timed served bespoke tailor, to shorten sleeves properly, always from the bottom, stripping the buttons and shams and skilfully shortening the sleeves and replacing the buttons and shams at the correct spacing; it should look like it hasn’t been touched. If it’s a check or a striped suit, this should never be done from the shoulder as it throws the pattern matching askew, not to mention making the forearms tighter.

On a plain fabric with working hole cuffs, we will shorten from the shoulder and reshape the sleeve to fit properly, these jobs require a high level of skill, not often found or offered in ready to wear outlets.

As one of the leading men’s clothes shops in Harrogate, we offer some two hundred ready to wear suits, but we recognise when a made to measure suit is required.

There are distinct differences between the two, as you will see.

In made to measure we can cater for your choice of cloth, lining and incorporate favourite style details, such as pocket details, etc, as well your figuration, e.g. drop shoulders, full chest, slim waists that are out of proportion with the chest and waists that are bigger than would be offered on the standard 6” drop of ready to wear (i.e. 6” difference between chest and waist), along with head forward, stooping, sway figures, etc. Careful attention is paid to your figuration, and we do this away from mirrors where we all tend to stand taller and more erect with stomach in, not with our more natural posture.

We want to make for who you are and how you stand and move, away from the mirror!

We will use the same manufacturer that makes our ready to wear and base our measures on our tried and trusted block patterns, from super slim fitted to easy drape relaxed cuts, that can incorporate your measure and figuration as well as your style requests.

One fundamental reason for many in choosing made to measure is the want of a particular cloth or pattern not found amongst the usual offer of navy and greys in ready to wear.

Made to measure suits

Made to measure (or custom-made, as they are sometimes called) suits are a more original proposition for the prospective suit owner. Using a pre-made suit pattern (block pattern) the maker will alter or ‘swing’ this based on both your measurements, figuration and preferences. Like men’s bespoke suits, made to measure suits are produced from scratch, but an existing pattern for made to measures is adapted in line with the wearer’s preferences, measure and figuration. The tailor makes use of a range of sample garments, taking measurements and making notes on how to make the article fit your specific requests.

You are then presented with a selection of fabrics and styles from which to choose. The tailor will incorporate these decisions with your measurements, producing a unique blueprint for the suit. This includes all those little details such as buttons, stitching, lining, and so on.

After around 6-8 weeks your suit will be complete and ready for one final fitting.

So, in conclusion, some off the peg suits might be fit for purpose, if they fit! only the best ready to wear, seen by experienced eyes and re-tailored by experienced hands and made to measure suits are fit for you. If you would like to find out more about our made to measure even a bespoke suit, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Rhodes Wood today.