Many people have asked me over the years… ”What is it that has influenced you and where does your inspiration come from?”

The answer is simple, it’s all around us, if we open our eyes and look.

I love observing,… I would never swap a chair in a city square (for a sun lounger on some scorching hot beach) drinking coffee or something stronger, whilst a Partagas Series D no 4 gently burns away… all the time observing, who’s coming and who’s going.

It might be a detail on a coat , the length of it, or a half belt at the back, which stands out but never dominates, the way someone has put something together, that breaks the rules but more importantly works in a care free nonchalant way.

I’ve always loved films and books and I’ve always had a passion for clothes. Cary Grant has always been a favourite style icon wearing timeless tailoring with suave sophisticated charm… even Cary Grant, wanted to be Cary Grant!

Cary Grant
The 1958 classic Dracula with Peter Cushing sporting the most spectacular fur-collared coats, even if I did have to close my eyes at his jewellery adornments.
most spectacular fur-collared coats

Of course, when I was a boy it was definitely James Bond that got the thumbs up and I still quote in the shop when people ask for coloured evening bows?… “Black Tie means Black Tie and I’ve yet to see 007 in anything other!”…or polite words of guidance to that effect.

The great thing about being small and working with Artisan makers, is that something I see on the street or in a film can be made up into a sample within 6 weeks and even the smallest details can be implemented into our existing patterns.

Of course I love to see ladies beautifully dressed and whilst my involvement with the ladies trade and buying has been limited, I have just as keen an interest in how wonderful a lady can look in the ‘right’ clothes. My eye whilst I’ve always admired times gone by and great vintage, sits with modern classics and Max Mara is a firm favourite of note.

But my business is in men’s clothing and custom tailoring….. it’s always been a pleasure!

There is an old saying ‘It’s a pleasure doing business ‘but I can honestly say “It’s a business doing pleasure”

With that in mind, we start some filming next week for a glimpse into Rhodes-Wood and some instructional videos on how to…
James Bond Theme
I hope that you will enjoy them when ready, and whilst this might be as near as I get to the big screen, I’m wondering how the James Bond theme tune would sound over the titles…..mmmm ‘Mish Moneypenny’