On the 15th of June 2020 , non essential retail establishments will be allowed to reopen , on the proviso that safe measures have been put in place.

However essential I may believe, silk pyjamas et al to be, I concede that R-W falls into this category and we will do our best to comply with ‘common sense’ and THE RULES!

Anyway I’m pleased that sales of silk pyjamas and hand made dressing gowns, through emailed or Instagram enquiries have been good and we have sold out of gowns.

Ever since being a child, I have hated having sticky hands!… people have often said to me that ‘hate’ is a strong word, but Brussels sprouts, kidney, liver and sticky hands, merit the use of this word with a capital H .

As a result I have always had a thing about washing my mitts, up to 30 times a day is not unusual and not an OCD…. although I have had other habits that do fall within the OCD category.

Bathroom CabinetSo when the government guided us to washing our hands, I went into overdrive! and my bathroom cabinet, which resembles a well stocked chemists shop, is nearly empty…. it has to be liquid hand soap for wash basins and of course S M Novella tablet soaps for the tub.

There is one, half used Christmas liquid hand wash left, which I only use at the festive time… and that’s it… the cupboard is bare!

I’m amazed at my families amazement at just how much soap I buy, but another shopping trip just after the 15th is now necessary and will be a revenge binge buy of the liquid bubbly stuff!

I’ve stuck my head over the parapet every week and visited the shop as well as my partners shop, Kirkgate House in Ripon to process the odd order (via email) for R-W and the impressive amount of Instagram orders for KH

The roads have been quiet, very quiet at first but the last couple of weeks, whilst not resembling anything near to normal, have been substantially busier.

I fear that some people are relaxing too much about government guidelines and some not enough ?

Some of the government who set the guidelines are either confused themselves or not prepared to set the example they wish us to follow.

It’s a bit of a Goldilocks and the three bears situation and you can never please everyone…. but good old fashioned ‘common sense’ should prevail.

That said….. it’s no wonder we live in a ‘computer says no’ society if people need such clear instructions to live their daily lives.

What I admire most about some of the captains of industry that we dress at Rhodes-Wood is this…

  1. How humble they are
  2. The Abundance of down to earth , good old fashioned… COMMON SENSE!, they possess

Simple but devastatingly effective!

So, I have approximately 15 days to get the shop ready with cleaning stations, hand sanitiser, deep cleaned and the windows re dressed and the shop re merchandised, to be ready to show you our Spring/Summer stock and help you with your clothing requirements for ready to wear and made to order.

Please watch our social media for updates on keeping us all safe nearer to the 15th.

What I will wear on re opening, is another matter as my constant experimenting with pizza dough and it’s consumption during lockdown, has taken its toll on my torso.

The elimination diet is a winner and gets results, but gruelling with the headaches and nausea from withdrawal….one last pizza before that then ….on..ahem …er…Monday, then.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”….said Kate Moss, I believe….but then I can clearly state that she’s never been round to ours for pizza!

I very much look forward to seeing you and welcoming you back ‘safely’ to Rhodes-Wood.

Until then

Jeremy ?