Collection of Bespoke Ties London

I’ve always had a passion and, dare I say, a knack for choosing ties and being able to put the right tie on the right shirt with the right suit.

I could do it from a young age, my father would be choosing things to complement his new suit and I would quietly and ‘shyly’ pick and lay a tie on it. Sounds a tad precocious at only 8 or 9 years old, but I was usually right and it’s just something I’ve been able to do.

In the shop when you get to know me, you will know by my expression when it’s right!

Incidentally my first buying for a shop was at the tender age of 19, and whilst the head buyer went off to buy clothing for the store, he was confident in my taste and left me with Mr Paul Salgo the licensee for Christian Dior neckwear to buy 200-300 silk ties and bows, different when you are looking at silk swatches and uncut lengths, but I relished it and felt at ease.

The ties in Rhodes Wood come from four to five different makers. We have a wonderful lady who worked for Marinella and Zegna and makes, completely by hand, the most goregous ties from 36 and 50 ounce English Silks, along with the most beautiful 2 metre by 1/2 metre scarfs with silk purled ends (something you could search the earth for and not find).

We also have hand made five fold and seven fold ties and a huge range of Rhodes Wood tipped and looped ties that are all hand finished and properly made. Many of our ties are made in a longer length for the taller gentleman or for the tier who uses more turns to make his preferred knot.

We will also custom make for clubs, weddings and shoots, having recently woven silk with the gamebirds or dogs of choice, however, small minimums do apply.

Despite the current trend for a tie-less look, we continue to stock and show our neckwear as we dress individuals who lead rather than follow, though many have introduced silk pocket squares to add a dash of colour if they have chosen a no tie day.

Tie Display in the Harrogate Shop
Tie Wheel Display in the Harrogate Shop
Close Up Tie